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MikeVR in Mark Walsh's ride  at PIXAR visit

Gibble (Toetsel)

Animation Feature

Gibble (Toetsel)

Our main focus. Production of a 3D animated feature film based on the original story Gibble and the Light of Life.

Story Development

Project for Calm app

Project Calm

Writing bed-time stories for kids for the Calm app. 

For more information about the Calm app click here.

Gibble Part III

Book publishing

Production of Gibble part III

Producing and publishing the final episode of the Gibble trilogy. Estimated launch is Q3 2021.

Gibble Ebooks

Ebook development Gibble Trilogy

The Dutch Angle II

Live-action film development

You have to let it all go...fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind.

Kadootje Kiekeboe

Game development by Aviator Game

MikeVR in Mark Walsh's ride  at PIXAR visit

Gibble at LOL

Game Development by Aviator Game

Top Secret

Animation project under NDA 

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App Store

Several projects for IOS app development

Gibble (Toetsel)

3D Animation Feature based on Mike van Rossum's novel "Gibble and the Light of Life".

Gibble and his older brother Skunk live with their grandpa on top of Bare Peak Mountain since their parents vanished. When Gibble finds out his parents have been abducted, he heads out on a rescue mission to save them. A magical journey awaits Gibble and Skunk filled with laughter, suspense and emotions.

Story Development

Developing stories for children.

Collaboration for the Calm app.

Charles Ellison and MikeVR at DreamWorks Animation

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