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The sky is the limit, but not for us.

About us

At Holland Animatie, our ambitions are high, but we also posses the energy, skill, resources and network to achieve our goals the SMART way

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We produce live-action movies.

Mostly for a client, sometimes times just for fun.

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We produce 2D and 3D animations.

TV-series, feature films, animatics, infomatics. We simply love to make animations.


We develop and produce stories in various forms. Ebooks, apps, novels, scenario’s. Virtually for anything that requires a story to be told.

Aviator Game

We produce games for multiple platforms and industries.

You have to let it all go...fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind.

Tag along

At Holland Animatie we’re always looking for talent and ways to collaborate. We believe in flow and following the path the journey takes you. If you want to tag along, let us know. Never waste an opportunity to grow.


Our root path: the Journey

This is the core of Holland Animatie. To flow along where the path of the journey takes you is our sound belief. Yet there is one objective which keeps the flow going and that’s the heart of the story of our main feature in forever development : Gibble (Toetsel in Dutch)

It all starts with one stroke, one idea, one first step

Recent Projects



Anniversary sticker design

Martin Gaus Geleide- en Hulphonden

Promotional tv film

Agora Theater Lelystad

 App design and production

Bonnet Media

Music design


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